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Providing our Governmental clients accurate and timely service is a key to our success in this significant sector. We offer the following services to our governmental clients:

  • Independent Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Internal Control Consulting
  • Accounting consulting, including acting as treasurer
  • Financial Statement Preparation Services, including GASB 34 conversions

Government accountants are experts on the operational rules and policies of the targeted agencies. They establish significant relationships, monitor government expenditures, uphold fiscal responsibility, and forge enduring business partnerships. They stay abreast of new technological developments, governmental policy shifts, and commercial trends and practices. Government accountants organize and present government-sponsored seminars, trade shows, and demos. Others do on-site inspections or digital audits of massive amounts of financial data.
Government accountants must be familiar with the generally accepted government accounting standards and accounting information management systems (GAGAS). They must be familiar with the government's roles, duties, and fiscal guidelines. They must feel comfortable looking into delicate situations, poking around, and uncovering hidden accounting issues.